TVC: RADD Holiday Season 2015 NT

This message from RADD reminds everybody to please, be safe on the roads, and have a happy holiday season.

Produced with RADD.

TVC: Peking Duk for RADD

Peking Duk took time out of their busy schedule to record a CSA for RADD and the NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust.

Produced with RADD.

TVC: Food Safety Information Council

The way you cook can make you crook! 

Produced with MediaHeads.

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TV Series: Music Room

Odeon Media was sole editor of Season 1 (13 episodes), aired nationally on Foxtel channel, Aurora.

Short Documentary: Why We Busk?

Documentary on local Adelaide street performers.

Short Film: The Making Of Wasabi

Winner of the 'People's Choice Award' and Overall Winner of the 2011 OzAsia 'Wasabi' Short Film Competition.

Short Film: Vacancy In The Valley

Runners Up at the Clare Valley 48hr Clewers Film Competition.

Short Film: Penny For Your Thoughts

Made for the 48 hour Eco Film Challenge 2012.

Short Film: My Pet Zombie

Screened at the ‘Down Under BERLIN Film Festival’ 2013. Winner of the ‘Magill @ Twilight Festival’ 2013. Official Selection ‘Barossa Film Festival’ 2013. Official selection ‘Clare Valley Film Festival’ 2013.

Film & TV

TVC: Memory Walk & Jog - Alzheimers Australia

The race against dementia starts with you!

Produced with MediaHeads.

Ashley Pollard - Film Directing Showreel 2017